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Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips History

Let’s take a brief history of fish and chips! Its historical roots are coming from England worker class dinners. When English workers finished their jobs at the end of the day, they go and eat it with their friends. It is both the quick recipe and delicious. This tradition did not change so much, eh? You can still come to Mermaid Fish and Grill Restaurant with your co-workers, and eat amazing fish and chips together!

Of course, it is not only England but also Ireland, Scotland, America and India have a fish and chips tradition. It is a global tradition!


Its thickness can change in different countries. In England, they are thicker than its US versions. In Canada, it is in the middle of them. So, Fish and Chips in Canada is the best! (At least, we think so, eh?)

Cultural Impact

In the Catholic tradition, Christian societies don’t eat meat on Fridays. Even if they are more secular now, this tradition did not change so much. So, they prefer fish and chips for Friday nights. Were you knowing that?

Fish and chips have more cultural place more than you think.

What should you do?

Yet, you know fish and chips is a crispy form of tradition from Europe to North America. And it is an unavoidable choice for Friday nights. You can enjoy with Fish and Chips at the end of the day with your friends in Mermaid Fish and Grill Restaurant.

And even you may talk about the variety of thickness of Fish and Chips in Toronto. Even if we guarantee that Mermaid Fish and Grill Restaurant offers you the BEST!

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