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About Mermaid Fish Restaurant

We are specialized in  Mediterranean cuisine ( seafood, shawarma, Egyptian falafel & Kabab). Our goal is your perfections. Come in and choose your favourite fish from our fresh collection, we will cook it the way you like (Barbecued, Fried, Baked ), the Meat lover can have our shawarma wrap or plate and the vegetarian Egyptian falafel made in-house from Fava beans and lots of fresh vegetables.

Our Food

Experience the essence of our  Mediterranean cuisine with our new  Menu. Come and relax in the intimate surroundings of Mermaid fish and grill house restaurant, enjoying only the finest fresh seasonal ingredients brought together with passion by our passionate team.

Mediterranean Cuisines

Offering an attractive array of dishes that invoke the mouthwatering flavours of the Mediterranean cuisines, all of the food is prepared to order from only the freshest ingredients. In the true fashion of Egyptian and Mediterranean restaurants.